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Mecklenburger Dunkles Weissbier 5.4%

Mecklenburger Dunkles Weissbier 5.4%

Mecklenburger Dunkles Weissbier is a typical Bavarian "Dark Wheat" which is top fermented and made with at least 51% wheat malt and an original wort gravity of minimum 12%. It is traditionally brewed according to the German Purity Law using only the finest selection of wheat malt, barley malt and caramel malt. It has the typical dark wheat aroma and a dark amber color. The beer is unfiltered, thus containing all natural ingredients. Turbity is a quality requirement and consists of proteins and yeast.

  • Alc/Vol: 5.4%

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Brand Mecklenburger Beer
Product type Wheat
Nordics  Europe 
Denmark  Germany 

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